Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Halloween is Coming Calendar

1. Paint a huge tree on large window with washable glass paint. (you can do this on a big piece of paper and tape it to the wall if you prefer.
2. Make 31 leaves in autumn colors (red, orange, yellow) cut out of construction paper or old torn paper bags.
3. Use marker to number each leaf from 1 to 31.
4. Tape leaves to tree branches. (a small piece of double-stick tape is good)
5. Starting on October first take leaf number 1 and stick it at the bottom of the tree as if it has fallen. Each day find the current day's leaf and do the same. On Halloween there will be only one leaf left.

(c) 2008 Kim Chatel


Slappy Beaver says "Reuse or recycle."

Friday, September 19, 2008

Saucer Race and Toss Craft and Game

1. Cut gift wrap paper to fit around oatmeal box allowing about 1 inch to overlap. Mark paper for length of oatmeal box allowing about ½ inch at top and bottom to fold over.

Cut paper and glue to oatmeal box.

2. Cut slits in ½ inch allowance at the top. Fold over top and glue to inside of box. Repeat cutting slits in bottom allowance, folding and gluing down.

3. Choose two different designs from your gift wrap paper. Lay a yogurt lid on the design and draw around the lid with a pencil. Cut out circle on pencil line. Cut five of each design to fit the top of yogurt lids. Glue in place.

4. Stick a self-adhesive dot to the inside of each lid. Divide the two designs into separate groups. Mark the dots of each group numbering them 1 thru 5.

To Play Each Game:

Race Game - Players stand on opposite sides of oatmeal box. Each player has a set of five matching saucers. On “GO” players start tossing saucers one at a time, trying to be the first person to get a saucer in the oatmeal box and win the race.

Saucer Toss Game - Players take turns tossing saucers one at a time trying to get them in oatmeal box. When all of the saucers have been tossed remove the ones that are in the box and total the points on each persons saucers. Highest number of points wins.

(c) Sharon A. Soffe

Spooky Opposum says, "Recycle. You could save a life."

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Make a Pencil Box

Make a Pencil Box

Materials needed:
l empty fireplace matchbox (long)
1 sheet of gift wrap paper or sticky-back paper
white glue (if using gift wrap paper)

1. Choose a sheet of gift wrap paper with a nice design, or
a sheet of sticky-back paper. Lay paper face-down and put an
empty fireplace match box on top. Draw line around box. Cut
paper out along lines.
2. (If you use sticky-back paper skip step #2.) Spread thin
layer of white glue on top of matchbox. Be sure glue goes
all the way to the edge of box.
3. Glue paper to box face-up.
4. Repeat steps #1 and #2 to cover bottom of matchbox.
5. Fill with pencils, pen, eraser, and sharpener.
***Strike-strip on side of box may be used to sharpen dull
pencil points.

(c) 2004 Sharon A. Soffe
Chatter Squirrel says, "Recycling saves wildlife and saves money, too."